Before and After Pictures –

Before and After Pictures

Win R1000 worth of products - send us your before and after Pics, if we decide to use them and post them on our site you will win products worth R1000. (If you would like us to blur out your face please let us know when submitting your pictures)

Our latest winner, Tommy. Congratulations

Congratulations to our latest winner, Rudolph. Amazing results!


T.J.  – After Bulk Cycle

Gained a total of 8 kgs in 8 weeks.

My arms grew by 4 cms and my bench press went up by 30kgs.

Overall i am extremely happy with the results.

I will be doing the super cutting cycle now and will post pics when i am finished.

Roodey – After 4 week cycle of Test 400

First thing I noticed with test caps 400 is that ridiculous amount of strength gained in my workouts. Everything that I did at the gym I felt confident I lifted more and Gymed longer. I am more than pleased with my progress and gains. I experienced no side effects what so ever in my cycle. I do recommend this highly to anyone who wants to cut but mostly bulk up. Take my word for it this product works like it says it does ! Not only do I look better but I feel better. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate this product 10 out of 10 because it does exactly what it says it does. Thank you so much I will be buying again !